Monitor Audio Silver RS5 Floor standing speakers

Hand-made and perfectly finished with natural veneer Silver RS5 looks like live embodiment of modern British speaker system. The construction is almost monitor: a relatively small internal volume, bass-reflex and two bands. Although the bodies are simple, rectangular boxes, but they are damped well. Under the dustproof grill you'll see first-class speakers, designed by the specialists of Monitor Audio, their famous C-CAM tweeter with a dome made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, covered with ceramic layer and also a 15-cm woofer (diffuser is made by CAM technology) with a cast high-strength polymer basket. The drivers became the main object of regard when the company decided to change the previous "silver" line, giving place to Silver RS. The tweeter for new products was made on the basis of HF-driver, which was earlier used in top models of Gold Reference. And the head, playing bass and MIDs, got an optimized magnetic system.

The first impression from acquaintance with Silver RS5 is twofold. Monitor Audio has already accustomed us to linear and precise by dynamics sound for a long time. But these speaker systems play music differently. Dynamics is excellent. But speaking about tonal aspect, the sound got bright notes, became more picturesque and emotional. In the subjective view the areas of 400-800 Hz and 2-4 kHz are emphasized in the spectrum. At the lowest frequencies the potential of Silver RS5 is not high, but starting from 80-100 Hz the system sounds as sure as linear: here is perfect attack as well as accurately elaborated structure. The space is interestingly built: the front edge of the stage is as if slightly narrowed, the second line is a bit expanded and distant plans effectively go to infinity. Localization at the same time is sharp, there is no the slightest tying of imaginary sources to emitters. Detailing of the playback is also withstood in keeping with the best traditions of Monitor Audio. Silver RS5 shows all acoustic nuances not by the number of details, but by their quality - we recognize every sound. And this, in turn, ensures that the system will be loyal to music of any genre.

Monitor Audio Silver RS5 Floor standing speakers photo