Rega R3 Floor standing speakers

The feature of Rega R3 is an unusual three-way construction. Rega R1 mini monitor with 19-mm fabric tweeter was taken as a base and added with bass driver, which has the same size as RR125 MF-driver. By the way, it is also worth a special mention. This head with non-resonant cellulose diffuser is already considered to be a classic of Rega - the company has spent many years of experiments on the improvement of its characteristics. The first trick is that an additional woofer was installed on one of the side walls of the body. The second relates to sound coil - it is wound not by copper, but aluminum and in eight layers. Due to such construction, the woofer's frequency response got a natural decay and exactly in the required area. By all other data the driver is identical to the main MF-driver on the faceplate. So, not using filters at all, the developer got a "seamless" coupling of MF and LF bands and has every right to be proud of it.

Rega R3 will not be able to compete at absolute dynamics with other speaker systems, but they precisely transfer attack and this gives naturalness to sound of each instrument. Also they can play sound stage with truly endless scale. Space differs by a pointed localization of distant sources. We won't argue about "seamless" coupling - bass and vocal bands are perceived really integrally and no sound falls out the harmonic picture. However, in the area of 100-200 Hz low frequencies are still slightly boosted. Upper range is not very linear too. Discants themselves are played extremely purely and uncolored, but all upper band relatively to the middle is noticeably raised. This feature is good at the listening to acoustic or symphonic music, solo vocal or choral singing. But once you start rock or techno... However, this is not their genre.

Rega R3 Floor standing speakers photo