Rega R7 Floor standing speakers

The body of Rega R7 loudspeaker, finished with natural veneer, rests on figured legs with spikes. The loudspeaker enclosure is a labyrinth. Tunnel goes to the side panel, near an 18-cm woofer with six-layered sound coil. Midrange is played by the driver with a lightweight cellulose 12-cm diffuser. The tweeter is a fabric, with the diameter of 19 mm. Crossover filter is simplified and hidden inside the body (in Rega R9 it was is a separate compartment at the back wall and allowed to perform the simplest correction for the room).

R7 are peculiar loudspeakers. Standard layout in a room does not guarantee the good result, they need a special approach.

I'll start with bass. The character of transmission of the lower range by R7 depends not only on the distance from walls and edges of a room, but also on the woofers' orientation. Installing the loudspeakers with sidewalls inward, you get more structured and rich kick. If you reverse them, spacious picture improves - bass instruments are localized more accurately, although basses slightly lose energy. The upper case also distinguishes by good "controlability". Rega R7 plays discants finely and sterile, but with a noticeable rise above 10 kHz. You can achieve the necessary linearity by rotating the speakers to the point in front of a listener. Due to wide polar pattern of thee tweeter, the playback even at significant deviations will be perfectly detailed, exclusive detailing will be saved and the sound of flutes, violins and other instruments with the abundant high-frequency "train" will become more natural.

I will say about the middle in brief: configuration is not needed. Rega R7 plays this band lively and skillfully, harmoniously extracting all variety of colors from a record.

Rega R7 Floor standing speakers photo