Rega RS7 Floor standing speakers

Being the follower of successful R7 floor speaker systems, the model received some changes, among which we should note the updated HF20-ZRR tweeter. By complex damping of back radiation of a 20-mm dome silk membrane nonlinear distortions were significantly reduced and return was increased. RR125 head is used for playing of MIDs. Low-frequency driver with the diameter of 7 inches (ab. 18 cm) is on the side wall of the body. Acoustic loading is the maze, the exit of which is on the side, next to a woofer, and the speaker system is a two-way.

Tonal balance of the systems is smoothly put into high-frequency area, so their sound may seem to be embellished. RS7 has accurate and quite strong basses, in no way conceding by dynamics to other parts of the range.

The playing of high frequencies has a bit lightweight character, but timbres in this range are elaborated very skillfully. The increased attention to noise tails on analogue digitisations and slight presence of sibilants in female vocal comes under notice. But RS7 is excellent in musicality - they literally involve you into the process of listening. Sound stage is built extremely accurate; space has correct scale and clear localization of virtual sources. Also there is a deep separation, giving a tangible three-dimensionality to the sound stage.

Rega RS7 Floor standing speakers photo