Rega RS5 Floor standing speakers

In comparison with previously tested RS3, the "5th" has big sizes, but by the design it is the same three-way speaker system with the front bass-reflex port and woofer on the side edge. It has a 7-inch gauge and eight-layer sound coil, which can hold an increased input power. A mid-range driver is installed in the isolated box - the branded head, RR125, with conical diffuser made of the pressed cellulose. Upper range is allotted to HF20-ZRR - the tweeter with anti-resonance camera, which was specially designed for the latest generation of Rega systems. The English engineers use the simplest filters in their systems, thinking that RS5 should be connected ideally by bi-amping scheme.

The sound of these speaker systems differs by powerful dynamics and weighty structured bass with perfect articulation. In addition, the sound is absolutely transparent and pure and these features are certain leaders by overall sound resolution. Tonal richness of mid frequencies, which much more expensive speaker systems can envy to, is amazing. A dome tweeter is distinguished by high energy, but sometimes excessive zeal. Noise tails and artifacts of the recording are underlined at the playing of some phonograms and this slightly reduces the feeling of comfort while the listening. Careful selection of other components is required here. The systems build a holographic, very structured sound stage.

Rega RS5 Floor standing speakers photo