Rega RS3 Floor standing speakers

One of the most respected English producers of audio components gladdens by novelties not very often. Very small floor speaker systems RS3 are the continuation of quite successful previous model R3 but with serious constructive changes. The systems are three-line with side LF-dynamic; the same driver RR125, placed in a separate block, is used as middle-frequency link. Bass head is 5-inch with eight-layer sound coil. A new tweeter HF20-ZRR, being situated in sound camera (completely damping back reflection of the dome), plays high frequencies. Due to this a frequency characteristic lines up and unwanted side tones are eliminated. According to Rega's ideology, a divided filter has a minimum of components and they are specially selected by minimal influence on sounding. So, bi-wiring is not provided.

Grandeur and the absence of the desire to enjoy all at once are felt in the character of small RS3. All Rega's firmed features are inherent in the sound of this model - an amazing and perfect playback of attack for such sizes of the dynamic. The middle is rich by undertones and is wonderfully clear. The top is detailed and quite light but ideally accurate. At closer listening there was found out that tone balance is slightly shifted upward. However, this can be corrected by a slight rotation of the speakers outwardly. Space transferring is truly gorgeous; the only remark - images of foreground are slightly enlarged.

Rega RS3 Floor standing speakers photo