Monitor Audio Silver RX6 Floor standing speakers

Compact speaker systems, RX6, have 2.5-way configuration with two 6-inches mid-woofers with the branded C-CAM diffusers of the last generation. This is an aluminum-magnesium alloy with ceramic coating, combining low weight and high rigidity. Small spherical hollows (RST technology) contribute to the reduction of resonances in the audible area. Tweeter is almost the same as in the speaker systems of older Gold series - with a golden dome and back chamber, which damps its vibrations. All Silver RX models have an unusual mounting of drivers to the front panel. If in the most speaker systems the drivers are mounted on screws, here they firmly tightened to the front wall with a help of through strainers, also increasing the overall rigidity of the bodies.

Tonal balance of Monitor Audio Silver RX6 is carefully adjusted and almost linear. The systems show rich sound with excellent resolution without noticeable priority of any part of the range over the rest of the spectrum. The character of this pair differs by incredible accuracy and tonal clarity, being inherent to much more expensive system. Absolute dynamics as well as bass depth in this case are limited by only physical sizes of the speaker system. Among slight faults we can note only a slight reduction of clarity in the lower middle. Spatial resolution is the highest. Extremely careful positioning of virtual sources in space amazed too.

Monitor Audio Silver RX6 Floor standing speakers photo