Monitor Audio Silver RS8 Floor standing speakers

Silver RS8 is the most powerful speaker system in Silver RS series. Sharp corners are eliminated in the design, all the edges are neatly rounded. The protective mesh also has rounded corners. A 25-mm tweeter with gilt C-CAM dome, located behind metallic protective grill, is based on the best tweeter from Gold series. Monitor Audio company focuses on the use of metallic diffusers in all speakers. 150 mm MF driver uses C-CAM (aluminum-magnesium, covered by ceramics) diffuser, on which there is a shiny metallic dustproof cap. Two 150-mm LF speakers have similar diffusers, but they are with concave caps. There is a small bass-reflex port from below. The second bass-reflex is put on the back wall in the top part. Metallic spikes with big nuts are screwed into black podium.

The signature sound features of Monitor Audio speakers, which we have seen for several years, are: high clarity of sound perspective, nicely lightened, lambent flavor; silver RS8 demonstrates harmony of the created musical images too. The speaker system plays in the extensive, generous manner and at the same time very informatively and correctly. RS8 has perfect bass - deep, elastic, not at all inferior to middle and high registers in speed of impulse response. The system conveys very well the space and sizes of musical stage. Programs with big performing ensembles are particularly impressive. But chamber forms are not less expressive. Great dynamics of Monitor Audio Silver RS8 covers both the upper and lower parts of volume scale, showing extraordinary sensitivity to tiny details. We recommend you to look (and to listen) closer to this model.

Monitor Audio Silver RS8 Floor standing speakers photo