Monitor Audio Bronze BX5 Floor standing speakers

In the famous Bronze series BX5 floor speaker systems are given the role of systems for small and medium-sized rooms. Like the most modern models, the systems are equipped with a bass-reflex, and for optimal air distribution the ports are installed on both front and rear walls of the body. The construction is two-way with frequency cut of 400 and 3000 Hz. Traditionally for Monitor Audio, diffusers of low-frequency drivers are made of the patented C-CAM composite. An inch tweeter has the dome made of the same composite and its characteristics were improved for Bronze line of the last generation. In particular, the band was expanded to 30 kHz, magnetic system and rear chamber, which damps back radiation, were transformed.

The sound of BX5 speaker systems differs by high degree of transparency and even some refinement. It is impossible not to notice the highest sound resolution in middle and upper cases. At the same time, the tweeter's character is absolutely devoid of aggression; it is extremely clear tonally. However, sometimes you still can note a small rise at HF, which is partly compensated by a slight turn of the systems out. Bass register is determined firstly by the volume of the body and caliber of low-frequency drivers. Low noted don't impress by subwoofer's depth, but at the same time they are almost without monotony. The systems build quite correct sound stage, in which imaginary images are clearly organized and neutral in size.

Monitor Audio Bronze BX5 Floor standing speakers photo