Boston Acoustics VR-M80 Floor standing speakers

The U.S. Boston Acoustics company, also well known to the lovers of car audio, assigns a special part to this series - all produced speaker systems are compared exactly with it. We took the younger model from floor systems of reference class - VR-M80. These massive and well finished speaker systems are formally referred to two-way systems, but... Look, 135-mm long-stroke woofers are too apart from each other. Confident, that the measurements will show that one of these speakers doesn't play MIDs and is a complementary, so the systems are actually a 2,5-way. A huge by diameter bass-reflex is placed on the back panel. Magnetic shielding is provided. Boston Acoustics VR-M80 rely on metallic platform with adjustable legs, which can be replaced with spikes.

Start to listen. Top is sharp and slightly colored, but rich with details. Sound space is perfectly localized, but only those sources are ideally separated in the stage, in the sound of which high spectrum dominates. Mid-frequency range is transferred with lots of details and great dynamics, which gives liveliness to voices and violins, albeit I didn't have full confidence in the linearity - sometimes there was the feeling that sound needs warmth. Low frequencies are played not less dynamically, all bass lines (even in such low instruments like Japanese drums) are easily read, they need only some internal energy. However, these systems do not interpret bass in their own way. And generally, Boston Acoustics VR-M80 turned out to be much closer to the British sound school than some "purebred British".

Boston Acoustics VR-M80 Floor standing speakers photo