Magnat Monitor Supreme 1000 Floor standing speakers

Floor speaker systems Monitor Supreme 1000 inspire respect from the first sight due to its considerable sizes. Three-line system is built on firmed drivers, acoustic design of bass section - a bass reflex with two small ports on the back wall. Two bass heads of 6.5 inch have diffusers made of cellulose with antiresonance coating. Mid-inverter of the same diameter has such construction too. Inch tweeter has a silk dome and special notches on the flange for radiation correction (ERA). In addition, expanded up to 38 kHz range can be relied to its features too. The crossover frequency is 500 and 3500 Hz and the filter is assembled on the components with minimal variation. Apparently for this reason the developers refused variants with two-cable commutation, leaving only one pair of input terminals.

Speaker system Magnat weigh a lot, what indicates the serious efforts to eliminate internal resonances. Finish is not luxurious but quite good and qualitative. In total there are three available variants of artificial veneer: walnut, cherry and black.

It is felt that speaker systems Magnat are made with truly German thoroughness. This is reflected in the extreme linearity and accuracy over the entire operating range.

Supreme 1000 differ by enviable focus and very wide frequency range. First of all it is the achievement of truly magnificent tweeter, easily coping even with difficult musical material. Upper range is so clear and detailed as you can only imagine in this price category. Existing dynamic potential of Magnat allows playing any phonograms in a proper way - from chamber classics to loud rock and electronics with complex spectrum.

Voices transmission is also not trivial. Although there are insignificant simplifications in the interpretation of female voice, they can't be named a serious disadvantage. Small blemishes may be noted at playing low bass. The general tone is quite detailed. The stage is quite typical for systems of such size - it has sufficient dimensions in the width and good localization of images. The depth is not expressed too clearly, that's why a part of imaginary sound sources is not fully tangible.

Magnat Monitor Supreme 1000 Floor standing speakers photo