Magnat Quantum 557 Floor standing speakers

As befits the senior models of the series, Magnat Quantum 557 are richly equipped, have impressive sizes and volume. Each speaker system has four self-engineered drivers - three identical 6,5-inch (one of which plays MIDs) with the diffusers made of very lightweight aluminum alloy and the branded 25-mm "fMax" tweeter, the dome of which is made of artificial Teteron silk. Working range of the tweeter impresses - the upper border is stated on 55 kHz. The bodies have a trapezoidal profile, excluding the occurrence of strong internal resonances. The crossover divides the range to three independent bands and has circuits, which optimize phase characteristics of the system.

Creations of the German specialists literally conquer by very wide frequency range. Having four drivers the sound of Magnat Quantum 557 is extremely organized and dynamical. Various test recording were played entirely and with precise attention to details. The upper range is accurate and clear and, generally, there were no claims to the tweeter at all. Discants are correct and informative, but a slight coloring is sometimes captured on the border of working band. The resolution of the systems can be assessed as very high, but at the same time they do not suffer with excessive analyticity. Lower middle is slightly blurred (perhaps, side-tones of the port). Space is correctly built in width, but by depth it falls short of ideal. Images are correct - by both size and location in the sound stage.

Magnat Quantum 557 Floor standing speakers photo