Magnat Motion 1000 Floor standing speakers

Motion 1000 is a floor speaker system from a new model range of Magnat, not very clearly but all the time supporting the traditions of the corporate design: right angels, strong color gamma, central position of the tweeter. But midrange driver is not above the tweeter (as usual), but below; above and below, respectively, there are paired woofers. The diffusers of MF- and LF-drivers are made of cellulose, covered by a thin layer of damping polymer. MF/HF-pair inside the speaker is blocked in the isolated compartment. The body is made of 18-mm MDF plates. The upper LF-driver is placed into a closed box, the lower one works in the design of bass-reflex type. Thus, LF-drivers, connected electrically in parallel, acoustically decoupled between each other. The filter's scheme slightly puzzles - there are only pairs of capacitors and coils per three bands. The lack of additional terminals for separate connection of bands is absolutely justified in this class. But the fact that means of vibro-isolation with floor are not provided seems to be a bit archaic.

Magnat Motion 1000 plays juicy and expressively. Lush upper bass very impressively acts at modern popular songs; but for strict classics it is still "loose". However, low-frequency activity is without compromising to quality of accurate and dynamical mids. Good dynamical potential in the mid-high register allows for many musical forms to consider mentioned nuances in the positive context. Moreover, a rare for such a complexly organized three-way system focus of sound image amazes; virtual space of the stage is three-dimensional and has a clear geometry and corrective proportions. Bright, expressive, "retentive" sound of Magnat Motion 1000 will definitely find many fans.

Magnat Motion 1000 Floor standing speakers photo