Wharfedale Evo 50 Signature Floor standing speakers

The model belongs to the premium Evo Signature series, being its flagship at the same time. Wharfedale Evo 50 are made by a three-way scheme with a front bass-reflex. A pair of 170-mm woofers is equipped with woven diffusers made of dark Kevlar - a material of the highest rigidity. A unique 50-mm driver with a fabric dome operates works at the midrange - similar drivers are rare even in High End systems. The tweeter also has a woven base, but its caliber is classic - 1 inch. To reduce resonances, the tweeter is fixed to a massive aluminum flange, which isolates it from the body.

Wharfedale Evo 50 has a proprietary sound character with the most detailed representation of the mid-frequency band, in which a truly exemplary order reigns. The instruments' timbres are strikingly close to the natural, competently balanced tonally, no part of the musical range protrudes. The bass is powerful and fast enough, but at the very bottom its relief is slightly smoothened. The tweeter makes boast of a combination of detailed information and complete absence of side sounds. The building of space is almost brilliant. Stage is as scale as possible and all proportions are accurate. The localization of instruments is one of the best among competitors.

Wharfedale Evo 50 Signature Floor standing speakers photo