Wharfedale CR-30.5 Floor standing speakers

A representative of already third generation line of Crystal is before us. Unlike previous models new ones have a trapezoidal enclosure, what is considered to be an effective way of dealing with internal resonances. High CR-30.5 are senior in the line and the most massive of its brethren. These are 2.5-way systems where lower range is played by a pair of 170mm heads with diffusers made of natural fiber (although it is still impregnated cellulose by all indicators). To align the phase characteristics there are bullet-shaped nozzles in the center of the cones. Exactly they give the exterior of the speakers an additional solidity. A branded tweeter of inch size with fabric dome, placed in a small flare, caters to the upper range. Assembly and finish quality of the systems attracts by its goodness.

These speaker systems do not strike by a crushing dynamics or ultra-high resolution; their main advantage is rather in balancing of basic sound qualities. The top is soft and moderately detailed, MIDs are close to natural, relief and quite tight bass is pleasant. If to evaluate the system more strictly, we can mention the lack of delicacy to low frequencies, some omissions on HF and also, perhaps, not always expressed dynamics. However, looking at the price tag, it's nice to understand that a qualitative firmed acoustics is now becoming available to almost everyone.

Wharfedale CR-30.5 Floor standing speakers photo