Wharfedale Diamond 10.5 Floor standing speakers

Almost forty years have passed since the first generation of the famous Diamond from Wharfedale - one of the leaders at the market of home speaker systems. And now this English brand presents another, the tenth, generation of Diamond.

Insight into the updated series we will start with small floor standing Diamond 10.5 speaker systems, which from viewpoint of constructive elements have a lot in common with the older models. Firstly not typical for budget speaker systems dome midrange driver catches the eye. Such drivers with a silk membrane of 50 mm in the diameter are used in the top Wharfedale Opus series. It should be noted that comparably to the previous generation of Diamond all other drivers (an inch tweeter and 6,5 inches midwoofer) are also undergone significant processing.

The systems have a bass-reflex design, the port of which is on the back wall of teardrop-shaped body. Input terminals are of high quality and allow the connection via bi-wiring and bi-amping. Build and finish quality is very high. The model is available in several variants (vinyl film): black, mahogany, walnut and wenge.

The glorious sound traditions of Wharfedale are felt in this generation of the legendary Diamond too. The sound of Wharfedale Diamond 10.5 is originally pure and accurate; it differs by excellent filling of bass and touching transfer of midrange spectrum. An inch midrange driver is accurate and informative. Timbral composition of different compositions is transferred absolutely truly, being inherent only more expensive system. Discants are quite clear and transparent. All in all, the work of loudspeakers in mid-high-frequency range can be easily recognized if not the reference, but very close to such.

Against the background of such luxury the junction of woofer with other drivers can be sometimes perceived as not completely accurate. Sometimes at the compositions with dominating infra-low component the bass obtains excessive blur, as if loses shapes. In addition, bodies' side-tones of small amplitude sometimes arise at these phonograms. This problem can be solved quite easily - you need an amplifier with good damping and careful vibro-isolation of the speaker systems from floor (great spikes are included to the kit). Dynamical capabilities of Wharfedale Diamond 10.5 are always enough; audible compression appears only at very high volume.

Wharfedale Diamond 10.5 Floor standing speakers photo