Quadral Ascent 80 Floor standing speakers

The German engineers consider tweeter to be the most striking feature of the speaker systems of Ascent series. Its thinnest aluminum dome is almost weightless, but at the same time has high rigidity. Unique features of the tweeter arise in the widest frequency range, the upper border of which is at the mark of 46 kHz. Not without tricks in other drivers. Mid- and low-frequency heads (diameter is the only difference) are equipped with distinctive diffusers made of polymer with thinnest titanium coating. At the use of a pair such drivers you won't need a separate subwoofer in most cases.

The first thing that distinguishes Quadral Ascent 80 is strikingly high separation of instruments regardless of volume level. MIDs are incredibly transparent and detailed - the systems are among leaders by this indicator. Bass band is focused and quick-firing. However sometimes at the junction of LF and middle you can note a slight veil. High frequencies are informative and detailed, the tweeter works on the highest level. Despite of this, sometimes the tweeter's level seems to be increased - sibilants sometimes arise in female voice. Sound stag stands in front of listener like a second skin. Significant deviations in positions of instruments as well as in scale are not observed.

Quadral Ascent 80 Floor standing speakers photo