Quadral Platinum M40 Floor standing speakers

Floor standing loudspeakers Quadral Platinum M40 have a classical layout of the body with elegant pedestal in the base, which spikes are screwed into for decoupling from floor. The walls are made of powerful MDF plates, here is the system of internal struts and the front panel is enlarged in thickness. The type of acoustic design is unusual - the manufacturer describes it as the combination of a compression chamber and the bass-reflex. This construction differs by effective damping of reverse radiation of diffuser that positively affects the intelligibility of bass. Bass is reproduced by a pair of low-frequency drivers with 170-mm diffusers made of light aluminum alloy. Midrange driver of a slightly smaller caliber is similar by design and a unique ring tweeter of the last generation, RiCom-V, answers for high frequencies.

The sound of Quadral Platinum M40 very reminds 2.1 system with relatively small monitors and powerful subwoofer.

Sometimes the deepest bass seems to be a bit detached from general musical spectrum. However, this doesn't spoil overall pleasant impression from the sound of loudspeakers and, besides, Quadral Platinum M40 showed a lot of very attractive qualities. The upper case is exceptionally pure and focused; as for middle, there is almost nothing to find fault in. Resonances of the body are absent at all. Sound stage also deserves special mention. It is built tightly, with clear positioning of images in the center and on the flanks. Illusion of three-dimensional space is created at high-quality recordings.

Quadral Platinum M40 Floor standing speakers photo