Quadral Chromium Style 50 Floor standing speakers

This graceful pair differs by quite compact lacquered body with nonparallel side walls. Despite of a small volume of the body, this is full-featured three-way systems with identical by size drivers of low and mid frequencies.

Each of the two drivers is made according to the original receipt: a reinforcing titanium coating is applied on polymer base and convex dustproof caps are in the center.

Tweeter is ribbon (business card of the top models of Quadral) with a dual magnetic system and amazingly wide frequency range. Only one pair of terminals is provided, but the engineers of Quadral Chromium Style 50 think that with properly adjusted crossover bi-wiring connection will not be required.

By the accuracy of sound Quadral Chromium Style 50 reminds rather shelf monitors. The sound is transparent, clearly drawn in all registers, correct by attack. The tweeter is especially good - it is perfectly accurate and just incredible by resolution. It is good that its work doesn't distract the attention - its "voice" is clearly inserted into overall spectrum. The loudspeaker doesn't have a powerful LF-register, but this is largely compensated by quite smooth rolloff at low frequencies and decent mid-bass energy. Dynamical capabilities are also very good, compression arises only at the volume, much higher than average.

Quadral Chromium Style 50 creates a truly strong presence effect: the stage is three-dimensional, images are utterly accurately allocated around its perimeter, even secondary plans are clearly readable.

Quadral Chromium Style 50 Floor standing speakers photo