Quadral Quintas 505 Floor standing speakers

At the designing of this model the German developers tried to get the most dynamic sound and an extended working range. The loudspeaker has a pair of solid 20-cm (8") woofers. Drivers work on the rear bass-reflex with an original low noise air duct that does not form turbulent overtones at high volume. The remaining key links of the three-way system are the inch dome tweeter and 10-cm (4") mid-range driver.

The work of Quadral Quintas 505 combines the most powerful dynamics and the highest reproduction energy with a fair amount of sophistication and even delicacy. The last is characteristic to a truly high-quality upper register, the transparency and resolution of which can be envied by much more expensive systems. As often happens in budget models, the edges of the range are slightly raised. On the one hand, this creates a sense of clarity and accuracy of the sound picture, but on the other, it somewhat mutes the middle. Nevertheless, there is a minimum of obvious tonal gapes in the loudspeakers, and they are noticeable only on the phonograms of exceptional quality. The low frequency potential is very high - with decent depth the bass is energetic and accurate. The sound stage is dense, sufficient in scale and length in depth. The accuracy of imaginary sources positioning is highest in its center.

Quadral Quintas 505 Floor standing speakers photo