Quadral Platinum 820 Floor standing speakers

To make the drivers' membranes the manufacturer preferred metal: the tweeter's dome is titanium, MF and LF diffusers are made of alloy of aluminum, titanium and magnesium. The developers solved the task of damping of the tweeter's dome unconventionally. A damping material is laid in certain places from the rear side of the dome. The tweeter has a double magnetic system; three-beam cutter in front of the dome corrects radiation. The woofers work in the isolated compartment for the rear bass-reflex port. The port impresses by its size: if the owners lose a kitten, they should look for it inside Quadral Platinum 820 or just turn the music on (quietly). Tapping showed a high acoustic inertia of the body.

Quadral Platinum 820 demonstrated balanced, comfortable sound: smooth resolution throughout the whole range, an average dynamic resource, tonal severity, and high stability of musical panorama. Bass is not very deep, its lines are structurally clear and agile. Sound character is neutral, strict in the German style. The image is rich with well-articulated details. The loudspeakers show unusual sensitivity to important micro-dynamical details, play very freshly, subtly, purely at low and medium loudness. At high volume - only when playing dynamic music (classical orchestral, popular electronic forms) - some excess brightness appears in sound.

Quadral Platinum 820 Floor standing speakers photo