System Audio SA Mantra 30 Floor standing speakers

System Audio Mantra 30 floor speaker systems are created for those, who do not want to overload a room with huge speaker system. Three compact self-engineered drivers settle in small by volume bodies. Midbasses are relatively modest by caliber (only 4,5 inches), but due to long-stroke construction they are able to play quite decent by depth bass. The range of soft-dome tweeter is extended up to 35 kHz, so in audible spectrum its work must be accompanied by a minimum coloring. Acoustic design is a bass-reflex, the port of which is placed to the front panel. Such configuration gives the possibility to place the system near the wall without noticeable detriment for sound.

System Audio Mantra 30 are assertive and confidently work out musical phonograms of various kinds. Dynamical contrasts are transferred without faults. The lowest bass is mainly only designated, but the main spectrum of low frequencies is played quite confidently. We can allocate sharp attack and perfect articulation. Midrange is extremely pure and rich with shades. Extreme top is slightly raised that gives the sound certain piquancy. Stage can be called neat.

System Audio SA Mantra 30 Floor standing speakers photo