System Audio SA Mantra 60 Floor standing speakers

The engineers of System Audio think that for proper sound a system should have high speed. This idea is implemented in all models and Mantra 60 is not an exception. It has five identical mid-basses, four of which sound low-frequency area. The diameter of each driver is only 4 inches, but total radiation area turns out to be quite big. Elastic suspension provides the diffuser greater speed that allows to move larger volume of air. An inch premium-class T2504XS tweeter with extended frequency range (the upper border is 35 kHz) sounds high-frequency area.

System Audio Mantra 60 really has a stunningly fast response and lively, expressive sound in a whole. It doesn't have obvious problems with dynamics too. Despite of the lack of crushing power at the transfer of sound contrasts, at comfortable level of the listening the sound is almost devoid of audible compression - its first signs arise only at very high volume. Tonal balance is slightly shifted to HF area, due to which vocal gets excessive airy and delicacy. At the same time the sound resolution is high - even the slightest whispers in a phonogram up to lip movements of a singer are heard. Sound stage opens in all its glory. Its front edge is a bit moved nearer to listener, but localization of instruments is smooth around the perimeter. It is extremely useful to use recommendations while placing the system. In this case the quality of space building may surprise even more.

System Audio SA Mantra 60 Floor standing speakers photo