System Audio SA 1230 Floor standing speakers

Narrow faceplate is the best solution in many respects: looks more graceful, spacious uniformity of the field is higher. However, in this case there is no any large woofer on the "face". The thickness of the faceplate of floor SA 1230 from System Audio is only 13 cm with the volume of acoustic design of only 20 liters. And judging by the results of measurements, the quality of two branded woofers, located by d'Appolito scheme, is at extraordinary high level. The four-ordered filter is used in high-frequency sector. A stand is attached to the body at the bottom by screws and the contact with floor is made through rubber supports. Removable decorative masks can be mounted in the slots on the rear panel. There is a special compartment for fill ballast.

Despite of the moderate sizes of acoustic design and small size of LF drivers, the activity of System Audio SA 1230 in the area of low frequencies turns out to be very productive. Moreover, exactly the low frequencies determine an overall sound color - warm, as if slightly softening the edges of sound image. Although the bass is not very deep, it's very neat. In wide range of volume levels the played low-frequency details are distinct, typical "foam" at MIDs, caused by them, is absent. With the mentioned peculiarities of color mid and high frequencies quite harmoniously integrate into sound image. Not annoying the ear by unhealthy accents, the system skillfully creates the feeling o airiness, accurately transfers natural timbres. Energetic resource is enough for adequate transfer of the most of musical forms; perhaps, sometimes there is confined only for symphonic classics in the frames of dynamic range of SA 1230. At high volume levels the detailing of MIDs reduces. Tops stay with their advantages.

Smooth performance manner of System Audio SA 1230 does not give grounds for arguments about genre priorities. We can only recommend you not to overload it by extremely high amplitudes on behalf of preserving the beauty of musical details. Note that due to magnetic shielding, slim speaker systems can be placed literally close to TV.

System Audio SA 1230 Floor standing speakers photo