System Audio SA 1550 Floor standing speakers

A slim 2.5-way SA 1550 speaker system is the novelty of 2003, emits with five drivers lined up in a vertical line. The tweeter is placed between two MF/LF drivers (d'Appolito), lower pair of drivers emits only basses. Two bass-reflex ports on the rear panel end with one for all heads volume. Note that when the signal is addressed to lower pair of terminals, only low-frequency pair emits actively; MF-drivers work like passive radiators. In the very bottom there is a compartment for fill ballast. A removable decorative grill can be mounted in grooves on the back wall. The body rests by four decorative washers on a stand, which has threaded supports. Finish quality is excellent (lacquered veneer - three colors are available).

Created by System Audio SA 1550 sound images impress by harmonious integrity and completeness. An exceptional quality of high frequencies particularly attracts. Violin, viola, oboe, percussion - a kind of elusive "life-giving" substance present in their voices. The pair transfers very difficult sound of woodwind almost best of all - very close to the source. The smallest details are amazingly graceful. The image cements surprisingly dense, organized bass, albeit it can't be called deep and the dynamics becomes modest at volume decrease. In the rest of the range the dynamical resource turned out to be impressive. System Audio SA 1550 is a good choice of music lover, who appreciate fine work of speaker system; any music sounds fascinatingly in its performance, but chamber classics is still particularly elegant.

System Audio SA 1550 Floor standing speakers photo