System Audio Saxo 30 Floor standing speakers

Saxo 30 is floor standing model of the Danish company, which perfectly fits the branded ideology of "fast" sound. Low-frequency heads with the caliber of only 4 inches with paper diffusers, mounted on a soft suspension, are used for the production of these speakers systems. Due to this, the drivers differ by significant working speed and are not inferior to full sized woofer by many parameters. An inch dome of the tweeter made of natural silk is placed into the proprietary DXT horn, which expands the zone of comfortable listening. Acoustic design is bass-reflex, which extends the lower border up to 45 Hz. High-quality gilt terminals complete good impressions.

Tonal balance of System Audio Saxo 30 is slightly lightened and at the same time the upper middle and HF-range are delicately put to the fore. The lower case here is moderately deep (a small internal volume of the body affects), but its main advantages are hidden in stunning fire-rate and high intelligibility. The system has a phenomenal sound resolution in MIDs, there absolutely all nuances of phonogram are heard. One of the features of System Audio Saxo 30 is the fact that an audible compression arises at high volume, so do not fall over increased playback levels. Sound stage is a bit smaller usual sizes, the space at the same time is slightly put on the listener. Localization of imaginary sources is almost brilliant.

System Audio Saxo 30 Floor standing speakers photo