Canton Ergo 670 DC Floor standing speakers

Canton Ergo 670 DC - 2,5-way speaker systems are based on the famous D'Appolito principle with a symmetrical arrangement of drivers. This decision helps to bring the character of radiation close to the pointed sound source, what, in turn, guarantees maximally correct construction of space. The diffusers of 180-mm woofers are made of light aluminum alloy; an inch tweeter is also equipped with a rigid metallic dome. The port of bass-reflex is placed in front that a bit simplifies the placement of speakers in a typical room. For better isolation with floor it is recommendable to put them on special supports (included) and this allows to maximally decrease the parasitic resonances of the body.

Deviations in tonal balance were not noticed; aurally the system is not linear. The sound is neutral, tonal and adjusted in registers. The middle is differed by liveliness and excellent naturalness of the transfer; basses are accurate and correct by attack. In addition, the lower case is carefully damped. The tweeter pleased with decent detailing and the lack of rigidity. The only minus is a slight dimness of the finest HF components. Sound stage is built very dense and accurate in sense of scale. Neither proportions nor positioning of virtual images are broken.

Canton Ergo 670 DC Floor standing speakers photo