Canton Ergo SC-S Floor standing speakers

A floor three-way acoustics of the bass-reflex type - Canton Ergo SC-S - looks great due to the use of oak veneer and details of natural wood in the finish. The case is made with care, which is called German. In this case we mean not the decor but the construction itself, which has high rigidity, perfect joints, decent weight and sizes: 17 kg, 215x900x247 mm, the volume is 48 L. Two pairs of the terminals with tapped clamps and jumpers (everything is gilt) give the possibility of bi-wiring separate connection. Metallic supports are made in the form of rounded dimes". On the front panel there are the bass reflex port, woofer and mid-range (each is 180mm in the diameter) and the tweeter. The damping cover is provided on the front panel for decrease of unwanted high-frequency reflections. Canton Ergo SC-S has an impedance of 4-8 Ohm and is rated at the nominal power of 140W, the recommended is 150W per channel, peak can achieve 250W; the declared frequency range is 18 Hz-30kHz at the average sensitivity of 87,5 dB/W/m. The block of active bass correction, which is included as a separate device, is provided for keeping such low frequencies. The black box is not just simple box, but a high-qualitative electric filter with mains supply. We listened to different music with pleasure and concluded that thespeaker system Canton Ergo SC-S is correct till the frightening sterility: there no any noticeable embellishments throughout the range. You should be mentally (it is desirable to have the listening experience) and physically (the components of appropriate quality are required) ready to such sound.

Canton Ergo SC-S Floor standing speakers photo