Canton Fonum 630 DC Floor standing speakers

Canton Fonum 630 DC is a three-way speaker system of the bass-reflex type, the port of bass reflex is placed on the faceplate. Medium and lower sub-bands are controlled by two speakers with the diameter of 200 mm each. The profiles of their conical paper diffusers are optimized with a help of a special calculation procedure. The soft dome of the tweeter has the diameter of 25 mm. Nominal electric power is 110 W, the musical - 160 W. Strict design of Canton will, perhaps, strike a chord with people, whose tastes were formed not only by education but also years, whose, who believe in their heart that the sound quality depends on the overall harmony of the product. The system has impressive sizes (230x925x282 mm) and you expect a lot from it. The measurements exceeded our most optimistic expectations. Looking at the bottom part of the frequency response the faith in the infallible bass reflex grows. Of course, well-calculated and carefully executed acoustic design plays the significant role in the organization of the bottom border. Middle and low sub-bands are combined very smoothly. All of these is a guarantee of the perfect interpretation of the most complex bass. It often happens that having wonderful frequency response, the problems with dynamic range and non-linear distortions, and more often at the bottom, can spoil everything. This doesn't refer to Canton. One of the advantages of the Fonum DC modelsis a scaled, juicy, clear bass. The middle part of the characteristic smoothly passes into the upper part, which, slightly changing its average value, dignity completes the range around about 25 kHz. The system creates a full, musical image, and at the same time the richness of colorful variety with good portrayal of details and nuances without excessive toning doesn't disappear. The sensitivity is high - 91dB. Frequency response of input resistance module gives: the average value - 7,4 Ohm, rms deviation is 3,7 Ohm, nominal resistance is 3,8 Ohm. The setting frequency of the bass reflex is 50 Hz; the crossover frequency is 300 Hz and 3 kHz.

Canton Fonum 630 DC Floor standing speakers photo