Monitor Audio Silver 8 Floor standing speakers

Monitor Audio Silver 8 is the representative of the updated Silver line - a three-way speaker system with the set of branded drivers and back bass reflex. The tandem of 6-inch drivers with C-CAM diffusers of the last generation, which have increased rigidity due to optimized RST technology, works up to 500 Hz. A 100-mm midrange head of similar construction emits higher in frequency, but unlike previous versions of Silver is without bass-leveling nozzle. Meanwhile, the improvements in design of magnetic system and sound coil managed to significantly reduce interference in midrange that should positively affect the vocal part. A 25-mm tweeter with gilt C-CAM dome, placed into a small horn and covered by protective mesh, sounds the rest part of the band.

In comparison with the predecessors, new Silver 8 transfer the upper case much more smoothly, keeping all necessary details. The systems differ by wide frequency range and impressive dynamics, so they can easily cope with musical material of any difficulty. A light veil can be detected only in the area of middle bass - in this part the accuracy of draughtsmanship of bass structure is a bit inferior to the rest of spectrum. The middle is endowed with deep various timbres that spirals into sensitive vocal, almost devoid of whistling side tones. Scene is significant by depth and impressive by scale, without noticeable flaws in the positioning of individual instruments.

Monitor Audio Silver 8 Floor standing speakers photo