Magnat Quantum 705 Floor standing speakers

Quantum 700 Series takes one of the top positions in the Magnat production program and was created to meet the needs of sophisticated listeners with high demands on sound quality. Now we are getting acquainted with two-way floor standing Quantum 705 in a chic finish with black piano lacquer. According to the developers, this model is primarily distinguished by enhanced reproduction of the high-frequency band, which uses a special proprietary driver with an ultra-light inch dome and E.R.A. (Early Reflection Absorption) technology for minimizing early reflections. Low-frequency drivers are also not simple. They are equipped with 170 mm composite (a mixture of ceramics and aluminum) diffusers, which are driven by a powerful magnetic system. This entire kit works in a phase-inverting acoustic design, the case, at the same time, has non-parallel side walls (a trapezoid is obtained in its section) and a system of powerful internal struts for additional rigidity.

The sound of Magnat Quantum 705 is extremely linear and detailed throughout the entire band - from the lower bass to the very top, where a magnificent tweeter shows itself in all its glory. The tweeter should be especially noted just because for the fact that having an outstanding sound resolution, it doesn't pay too much attention to various flaws in the sound path or recording artifacts. Otherwise, the listening would turn into a real torture. Excellent dynamic qualities of the speaker system are complemented by confident entry into the low-frequency area and without a noticeable predominance of bass. Jointing of ranges is almost perfect. Only bass-reflex sounds that are sometimes heard upset in a certain sense, but they appear only at very high volume levels. Singing middle almost is not shaded by non-linearity; it lacks only a little more natural tone. The sound canvas is exemplarily aligned in width, but the depth of the stage is not expressed so well, making distant plans blurry.

Magnat Quantum 705 Floor standing speakers photo