Magnat Vector 207 Floor standing speakers

Three-way speaker systems, Maganat Vector 207, have impressive sizes. Four dynamical emitters are installed in the bodies of more than one meter in height. Air ports (two, diameter - small) are located on the back wall, so it is not recommended to place the system too close to wall. Three mid-bass drivers have similar design - each of them has a 170-mm (6.5") paper diffuser, impregnated with a damping compound. The tweeter is also made according to the signature recipe, used for all Magnat products. An inch fMax tweeter is made of synthetic Teteron silk and works effectively up to 55 kHz.

German pair easily stands phonograms with almost any dynamical contrasts, never capitulating from recordings of symphonic classics. Among the advantages we should note wide frequency range, correct attack and comfortable sound at high volume. However, speaking about overall tonal balance, Magnat Vector 207 has its own features. In some phonograms low-frequency component slightly dominated and against its background the rest part of spectrum sometimes seemed to be weakened. Exactly for this reason, vocal parts (with quite high naturalness) are not fully expressive. Space has a little increased scale, which adds showiness.

Magnat Vector 207 Floor standing speakers photo