Magnat Monitor Supreme 800 Floor standing speakers

The junior Monitor Supreme floor speaker systems are built by 2,5-way scheme. They have two identical speakers with the caliber of 165 mm. Their diffusers are pressed from cellulose pulp and impregnated with damping compound, which reduces internal resonances and gives additional rigidity. The construction of the branded tweeter is more refined. Thinnest inch dome made of artificial silk has anti-resonant coating and holes of special form on the flange (ERA technology). Acoustic loading of the model is a bass-reflex, two relatively small air ports of which are put to the back. There are only two input terminals, but they are of quite high quality and also convenient.

The listening of the German pair once again confirmed the skill of Magnat engineers. The overall tonal balance of the systems is quite accurate, you feel a really combat dynamics in sound. Judging about lower range, we should note here rather a high intelligibility of bass in general than the ability to go into infra-low depth. MIDs are rich in timbres, full and even heart-felt. But sometimes against the background of clear and bright tops, the middle seems to be a bit veiled, shaded. Monitor Supreme speaker systems form a stable sound stage.

Magnat Monitor Supreme 800 Floor standing speakers photo