Magnat Quantum 675 Floor standing speakers

Rounded side faces of Magnat Quantum 675 bodies are made not only for aesthetic reasons - this is an effective way to reduce undesirable side-tones. The front panel made of 25-mm MDF plate, on which self-engineered emitters are symmetrically mounted, also played a significant role. A 30-mm tweeter with a soft fabric dome in a short horn takes the central position. To increase overloading capacity there are liquid cooling of sound coil and powerful magnetic system. The membranes of 17-cm woofers are stamped from aluminum alloy, on the surface of which there is a ceramic coating. This trick allows having more smooth frequency response as ceramic levels sharp outbreaks, which are typical for many metallic diffusers.

The speaker systems Quantum 675 immediately amaze by profound sound with a solid by depth and articulation bass. Little priority is given here to edges of operating band, which, however, doesn't violate general harmony. The middle is rich in shades and tonally adjusted, the only counterpoint can be sibilants, rarely turning up. The upper range is not just beautiful, but correct in the proper sense of the word. Sound resolution is very high. The sound slightly hardens with the growth of volume, but at the same time the severity of interpretation is saved. The sound scene is dense, uniform around the perimeter, but the central group of instruments is drawn more accurate than the others.

Magnat Quantum 675 Floor standing speakers photo