Canton Ergo 695 DC Floor standing speakers

These three-way giants with the height of more than a meter and impressive mass are made in classical style - with traditional proportions and gracefully smoothed edges of the body, richly finished with natural veneer. In recent years all the models of Ego line have own-produced drivers with lightweight and durable diffusers made of aluminum alloy.

Canton Ergo 695 has quite rich arsenal of drivers: two 10-inch woofers, 180-mm midrange driver and an inch tweeter, being placed in a small horn. An interesting feature of the systems is the branded DC technology. Its essence consists in suppression of uncontrolled stroke of the membrane and inevitably arising thereat spurious infra-low radiation that creates a noticeable discomfort while listening to the music. Due to the additional damping, the sound obtains much higher articulation and extremely precisely built sound stage. Acoustic design of the loudspeakers is the front bass-reflex, the port of which has quite impressive diameter. These loudspeakers can be communicated with an amp in any way, including bi-wiring and bi-amping. The terminals of Canton are very powerful and allow the usage of any acoustic connectors.

Speaking about the sound of these giants, the first thing I should notice is incredible lightness of sound and the lack of even slightest tension, while the work with even the most difficult music material. The huge frequency and dynamical range allows Canton Ergo 695 DC to easily recreate a grand by scale and credibility sound painting like in a real concert. Perhaps, there are no genre limits for this speaker system. It copes well with even symphonic compositions with very powerful dynamical contrasts.

At the same time they quite adequately work with such subtle matters as female vocal and violin. Detailed and natural interpretation of recording, quite close to original, is heard. We can fault Canton Ergo 695 DC for slightly schematic transfer of polyphonic structures and sometimes excessive coldness in midrange. So, it is better to choose an amplifier with a soft and comfortable sound

Canton Ergo 695 DC Floor standing speakers photo