KEF XQ5 Floor standing speakers

XQ series incorporated all the best from the Reference and Q series. On the upper panel there is a 19 mm hyper-tweeter with titanium dome for playing the highest frequencies. The area of mid frequencies is divided between 19-mm tweeter with aluminum dome and a 160-mm midrange, which are assembled in a coaxial Uni-Q construction. Two 165-mm speakers answer for LF. Each LF-speaker has its own bass-reflex port, located directly under the driver. MF/LF and HF/MF crossovers are spaced-apart and implement a four-banded scheme.

Sound. Unusually high transparency of musical image and focus of virtual sources in three-dimensional space of musical panorama are the most important advantages of KEF XQ5 sound. Comparison (correspondence) of the model with similar by configuration speaker system of iQ series allows to report a significant progress of sound quality corresponding to a great difference in price. The sound of XQ5 is stunningly performed throughout the range. At the playing of any recordings the speaker system draws lines and superimpose colors on audio canvas with thin brush, confidently, expressively and plastically. The play of XQ5 is very airy and breathes out freshness - this is the great merit of ultra-high-frequency driver. The contribution of the head is especially noticeable at the playing of SACD records. Very deep and clear bass is worth mentioning. The system expressively transfers the distance and intonational chains between elements of musical picture, for example, spreading in depth hot revelations of forward tenor-saxophone with background: a rustle of brushes and the velvet pitch of double-bass... Everything turns out to be elegant, refined and tasty in KEF.

KEF XQ5 Floor standing speakers photo