Mordaunt-Short Aviano 8 Floor standing speakers

Floor standing Mordaunt-Short Aviano 8 are three-way loudspeakers with rear location of bass-reflex. Drivers are designed and made by the specialists of Mordaunt-Short. A pair of 6.5-inch woofers with aluminum diffusers, made by the patented Continuous Profile Cone technology, is responsible for lower range. Increase due to special notches rigidity provides them piston mode of functioning with minimum bending distortions. An inch aluminum tweeter's dome, protected by metallic mesh, is placed into a small horn. You should pay attention to incredibly powerful magnetic system, allowing the playback of frequency up to 22 kHz with minimal distortions.

Micro-dynamics of Mordaunt-Short Aviano 8, especially in the upper part of operating band, is high. Detailing in high frequencies is exemplary and without emphasizing the artifacts of recording and various noise tails. Metallic tweeter's dome works extremely well. Speaking about overall dynamics, it is rather sufficient. However, the deficit of it is not observed even in energetic symphonic compositions. Tonal balance may seem to be imperfectly smooth. Noticeable bodies' side-tones were not found. Even at high volume level there are no clear resonances. Spatial characteristics of the system are quite high - the stage turns out to be very accurate and deep. Localization of images is correct around the whole placement perimeter of the speaker systems in a room.

Mordaunt-Short Aviano 8 Floor standing speakers photo