Magnat Quantum 677 Floor standing speakers

Despite of relatively low price, Magnat Quantum 677 differs by pleasant appearance and carefully elaborated design. High and massive three-way speaker systems are built on four own-produced heads. Three of them, being responsible for middle and bass, are absolutely identical - these are 165 mm (6.5") drivers with the diffusers made of lightweight aluminum alloy, covered by ceramic particles. The tweeter with the diameter of 3 cm (1.2") refers to the second generation of the branded HRH technology. It is based on the principle of a horn design with soft-dome membrane, which can expand a polar pattern. In addition, ferromagnetic cooling of sound coil is used in the tweeter's design - an effective tool for excessive heat transfer and decreasing nonlinear distortions.

The German pair pleased by maximally solid and balanced sound, without emphasizing any part of working band. In addition, it shows high dynamical potential and perfect intelligibility at any power. Magnat Quantum 677 easily withstands increased volume levels, where there are no body's side tones or turbulent noises of bass-reflex. MIDs are played with natural timbres and excellent detailing, but as if through light veil. Perhaps, such feeling appears against the background of maximally open top, with which the rest of the spectrum seems to be not so transparent. Very detailed and clear bass should be particularly noted, by the quality of which the system confidently takes the lead. The created sound space is truly three-dimensional; localization of virtual images causes a real delight.

Magnat Quantum 677 Floor standing speakers photo