KEF iQ50 Floor standing speakers

Compact floor KEF iQ50 speaker systems are recommended for small rooms. The branded Uni-Q modules of the last generation are already used in them, where in the center of composite 130-mm midrange diffuser there is a tweeter with the dome made of aluminum alloy. In new Uni-Q version the working range is extended to 40 kHz. Structurally iQ50 are built by 2.5 band scheme. Build quality and the finish of bodies are perfectly made and transparent gilt terminals would decorate even High End systems. Surely, the opportunity of two-wire connection to an amp0lifier is provided.

From the first minutes of the listening it is clear that very low bass is beyond the scope. However, in the main band the sound is open and extremely dynamic, with good attack and clear kick in midbass area. At high volume compression is sometimes noticeable, but this doesn't spoil the overall positive impression from the sound of iQ50 at all. The timbres at mid frequencies can seem to be too elaborated, and the tweeter's character - harsh. After warm-up of the speaker systems there are no traces of this and more careful selection of speaker cable will completely remedy situation. The sound scene deserves a special praise. It is truly three-dimensional and built with outstanding accuracy. Virtual images do not stick to the tweeters and are orderly placed around the perimeter.

KEF iQ50 Floor standing speakers photo