KEF Q65.2 Floor standing speakers

In addition to the external differences, caused by new color decisions, the modified flagship KEF Q65.2 got a real low-frequency driver instead of passive radiator. The topology of separation filters was reworked. Even the material of membrane's driver from the branded coaxial configuration (Uni-Q technology) has undergone changes. All the drivers are equipped with magnetic shields. Three variants of the finish are provided. Means for vibro isolation with floor are included.

Probably, the main advantages of coaxial systems should appear in special quality of spatial characteristics of sound image. This provision has no strong evidence of this, but our experience shows in its favor. Using the traditional approach to analysis of spatial characteristics of the image, we note the ability of Q65.2 to confidently show a concert hall, to present in details the frontal projection of the stage and to give the feeling of its depth. Quite deep, slightly rough and very dynamical bass - the reliable base of symphonic orchestra and striking power of rock group are in the inventory of KEF Q65.2. Generally the system's sound is well-balanced tonally, although you can notice some peculiarity of the representation of high-frequency spectrum, sometimes perceived as increased brightness of upper details. When you listen to the system at comfortable volume, its dynamical resource seems to be inexhaustible: the lightness, with which the pair throws the whole spectrum of drums, horns and strings on you, is just breathtaking. Basses become a bit rougher. But hard rock is perceived great at any volume.

KEF Q65.2 can ensure high quality of sound of any music; only do not use it in extremely punishing modes of the increased volume. High measure of comfort of presence effect, created by the system, is worth of special noting.

KEF Q65.2 Floor standing speakers photo