KEF iQ9 Floor standing speakers

Embodied the latest achievements, iQ series moves closer to Reference series by quality, favorably differing by price. iQ9 is the most powerful floor speaker system in this series. The side and back walls form a smooth surface, curved in the shape of ellipse. The body is thoroughly reinforced with struts. A 165-mm coaxial HF/MF Uni-Q speaker of the 6th generation has the tweeter with aluminum dome and neodymium magnet, able to work on the frequencies up to 40 kHz. Polymer diffuser of midrange is covered with titan and the coil is wound with aluminum wire covered by copper. The suspension of 165-mm LF speakers with paper diffuser provides a large speed of coil and good damping. Dustproof cap is made in the form of bullet. The baskets of all speakers are aluminum. Under each LF speaker there is own bass-reflex port, which can be damped by foam plug.

Sound. KEF iQ9 speaker systems organize graphically accurate, contrast reflection of elements of musical picture. Tonal structure is characterized by a slight predominance of the lower case. Localization of virtual sources of musical stage is extraordinary clear and relief. The system has an impressive dynamical resource; in this respect bass is slightly inferior to other sections of the range. Playing CD with symphonic classics, old British rock and so on, iQ9 showed remarkable ability to "bite the bullet": KEF accurately transferred accented sonorities, fast blows of impressive masses of acoustic energy. Orchestral and electronic bass is gorgeous. iQ9 interprets such chamber forms like grand piano recordings, violins and so on, jazz compositions very expressively. These speaker systems have universal possibilities and high musical potential.

KEF iQ9 Floor standing speakers photo