Dali Opticon 6 Floor standing speakers

The appearance of DALI Opticon 6 speaker systems inherited much from their predecessors from the older Rubikon series. A lacquered front panel with figured selection above HF unit can be black or white depending on the chosen finish. Dual bass-reflex port is placed on the back panel, the block of terminals for acoustic cables, providing the connection by bi-wiring or bi-amping scheme, is also there. The speaker systems are installed on four height-adjustable spikes and special legs for their mounting are included.

An acoustic configuration of DALI Opticon 6 is quite original - 2.5 + 0.5 bands. This means that the first one from MF-LF speakers sounds the range up to 2200 Hz, when the second one stops at 800 Hz. Then a dome cloth tweeter comes in, which at the final stage, 14 kHz, passes the baton to strip band. The diffusors of MF-LF and LF speakers are made of reinforced by wooden fibres lacquered cellulose and this allows them to combine optimal stiffness and good internal damping. Fitting location of the basket to the front panel is closed by rubber pads, obviously serving for additional vibro isolation.

All in all, DALI Opticon 6 is a modern model of speaker systems, where high quality of the used materials and solutions combines with design.

The sound of the speaker systems is characterized by traditional for the Danish systems filigree elaboration of high-frequency range. Intelligent combination of tweeters, which use different solutions for converting electric energy into acoustic, allow you to use strong points of each. Dynamic heads and strip bands responds to impulse and work with phase in slightly different ways, so their proper coordination is a difficult task, but in this case the engineers of DALI coped with it brilliant. Attack, playback of the main tone, and fading of overtones are natural, without extra accents on any of aspects of phonation. The sound in this part of the range can be characterized as balanced and filigree-detailed. Mid frequencies are smooth and quiet and attaches to a long listening. Speaking about bass, it should be considered as adequate and sufficient. At placing the speaker systems at some distance from walls of a room the attack and intelligibility of bass guitar and double bass do not cause any claims. Surely, DALI Opticon 6 can harder create really serious level of sound pressure of great organ, but they sound the available part of the range very and very good. I especially want to note the ability of the system to form a convincing three-dimensional sound space, where parties of each instrument take their own places.

Dali Opticon 6 Floor standing speakers photo