Blu-ray player Marantz UD5005

The junior model in the current line of Blu-ray-player Marantz. Plays as seniors, DVD-Audio discs and SACD, that is, is a generalist. As the functionality is hardly inferior to the upstream device (except for the lack of analog outputs 7.1), it uses audiophile grade components. But constructive relieved: no proprietary HDAM-modules, improved power supply, copper-plated chassis and screens, special vibration isolation elements, that is all that noticeably affect the sound in the systems of the highest class. 3D support will have on the player after the software update. By the way, had only to connect it to the network, he found a new firmware and offered to install it.

Built-in 1 GB system memory partially justifies the presence of only one interface USB (located on the front panel), but more probably will not be necessary because the installation of optional Wi-Fi-adapter is not available. Network services are presented YouTube, protocol support DLNA 1.5 and UPnP network enables you to play files mp3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, WAV, MPEG, DivX, H.264, WMV. I note in passing that the containers are supported AVI, MP4, MKV, TS and m2ts.

The remote control is exceptionally easy, practical, it does not show fingerprints. The graphical interface is simple, logical and dohodchiv. In general, Marantz UD5005 - sample ergonomics.

High class and high-quality execution unit eloquently manifested in how quietly and smoothly move the tray loader. In addition, it is fast: drive "Casino Royale" is loaded in 18 seconds, "Spider-Man" - 6 longer.

Image Quality - beyond criticism, and immediately and without the need for any manipulation. All very well - and the clarity and color reproduction, and natural skin tones. So that the developed image settings to us in general, is not useful - I had only include noise reduction (by default it is disabled) - the need for this disk tests showed "HQV Test Benchmark".

The difference in picture quality between Blu-ray and DVD is barely distinguishable, and despite the fact that the full identity is unattainable in principle. Convert scans - impeccable.

Already familiar Pure Direct mode has shown its effectiveness - sound cleared him out of stiffness, improves focus scene. SACD and DVD-Audio have only minimal benefit to the same records on CD-ROM in 16 bit/44 1 kHz - this indicates the high quality built-in converter and properly chosen parameters of the digital filter. The only thing you lose UD5005's reference DAC - a lightweight, compression, which is especially noticeable on orchestral pieces. With a strong desire and you can complain to the elaboration of every detail on the top, but I will not, as a reference source of well-drawn, and the player it will take another couple of weeks. But as digital transport it already accurate, assembled and absolutely neutral.

Marantz UD5005 Blu-ray player photo