Marantz PM4001 Amplifier

Only two passport parameters - power output and mass indicate to the low cost of this model. Six kilos (13 lbs) and 30 w to the channel on 8 ohm loading is not enough. This numbers does not provoke a great optimism. But let's not jump to conclusions. The construction of Marantz amplifier, for example, provokes respect, as this device is assembled on the firm chassis and it has a solid front panel. The heat removal from output stage is carried out by impressive internal radiator.

According to the availability of the equipment, PM4001 is an advanced amplifier. Phono corrector for vinyl is available (it is optimized for a work with the most common type of sound receiver MM). Timbre block and loudness are available too. The full value recording selector for two recorders, commutator for two sources and switch for two pairs of acoustic system are provided. But it is not all, Bus bar D-Bus allows by simple means to organize the control by other components of audio system from one remote controller.

PM4001 is notable for live and natural sound. At first, you do not know to what complain about - everything is normal. Sound is extremely orthodox, but it can be indentified with the same notion as Hi-Fi, but it does not have nothing special.

The bass is a bit lite, but absolutely line, well informative by energy and have a distinct structure. The middle is harmonic, full of important nuances and cleaned from distracted unmusical details. The device as if rejects all irrelevant, leaving only the essence. This feature can be interpreted in different ways: on the one hand, effect of the presence is less pronounced, on the other hand - the sound is perceived as more clean and shaped. Listening to music is pleasant; it is light and does not tire.

Sometimes, it seems that PM4001 has a warm color, but it is just a result of small unbalance of micro dynamic features; in the middle line this device has an increased harmonic legibility, but in bass area and on descant it is moderate. The top is not forced, according to the transparent sounding, Marantz slightly lose to its competitors, but we can say that it is turbid. If we choose acoustics with first-class expensive tweeter to the pair of PM4001, we will get the excellent detail on HF. So, in general, everything is good with information capability of this amplifier.

The scene is installed quite compact, but it feels good the depth. The foregrounds are very expressive, they have a distinct outlines and correct spatial scale.

What about above mentioned thirty w in the channel? This question you are worried about. PM4001 doen not have problems with power. The absolute dynamics is not high, but the sound is drive. This device clearly reproduces the percussion instruments and provides the good energetic support as fast playback as well as fundamental extremely low components. Due to this, the playback of live acoustic instruments of Marantz differs by a special realism.

Marantz PM4001 Integrated Stereo Amplifier, Power output 45 Watts into 8 ohms