Marantz PM5004 Amplifier

Let's not dissemble: some of our colleagues, when they saw the Marantz PM5004, expressed interest in buying this model, it seemed so attractive to them. But, in fact, there was nothing new in her appearance that could have so dumbfounded our experts. On the front panel are the same as several decades ago, volume and tone controls, input selector and power button, plus a headphone output, traditional for integrated circuits. At the top of the milled aluminum center panel, like the disc loader tray on a player, stretches a narrow strip of information display, which, however, only reflects the LED dot indicating the active input. Below are four tiny buttons: loudness mode, acoustic pair selection and tone block off (activation of Source Direct mode). Reasonable minimalism, which seems very appropriate in this case. The patch panel also has nothing exotic - no USB and LAN ports, no digital connectors. However, the Marantz PM5004 has a built-in phono stage for turntables equipped with moving magnet heads (2 mV / 47 kOhm) and two recording loops, although such functions are becoming a thing of the past. With an amplifier, you can use two pairs of speakers, for example, to sound another room.

In a sense, the Marantz PM5004 also uses revolutionary technical solutions - this is an amplifier in which current feedback is implemented, which was inherent only in top models. Such a technique contributes to ultra-fast and filigree signal processing, which ultimately has a positive effect on the openness and detail of the musical picture, and also has a beneficial effect on the relief of sound images. The power supply contains a powerful toroidal transformer, selected high-value capacitors, and Schottky diodes. It is not a sin to report that the Marantz PM 5004 received the highest award from the French expert board Diapason d'Or Hi-Fi Stereo. Before listening, we were a little worried - the appearance of the component was so convincing of the impeccability of its work. However, our fears were not confirmed and the amplifier, having revealed its full potential, not only did not disappoint, but pleasantly surprised. So, we were extremely pleased with the results of the test. Especially the level of sound quality, for which they asked for the most nominal amount, available to almost any music lover, even with a low income. We are, of course, familiar with Marantz audio equipment's signature style of pickup. And in the case of the Marantz PM5004, the brand has again confirmed its commitment to an open, emotional, festive sound, moderately colored, but charming and comfortable. Brew good green tea, respecting technology and etiquette, and turn on your stereo system based on Marantz PM5004 - we assure you, the impressions will be extremely positive and the mood will be lifted. Good luck, music lovers, and happy listening.

Marantz PM5004 Amplifier photo