Marantz CD5003 CD-player

Marantz CD5003, in addition to usual CDs, can play the currently popular mp3 and WMA formats. This is plenty justified - having such a player, a beginner music lover will be able to gradually switch from "compressed" music to better quality.

The digital path of the player is based on the well-known CS4392 chip from Cirrus Logic. This is a fairly advanced delta/sigma converter with a high signal to noise ratio and wide dynamic range. This explains its frequent use in budget Hi-Fi and serious sound cards. The analog part is built on branded low-noise HDAM-S2 assemblies, embraced by current feedback. Among other advantages of Marantz CD5003, it is also worth mentioning the presence in the sound path of selected audio components and a very rigid chassis design.

In addition to standard analog outputs, there are digital interfaces (coaxial and optical) on the back wall, as well as jacks of the proprietary D-Bus control bus using the RC-5 protocol. For fans of quiet listening, an adjustable headphone output is provided. I really liked the informative display on the front panel. Its brightness can be selected for specific conditions (up to a complete shutdown), so it is perfectly readable even from a decent distance.

The sound of CD5003 can be characterized as assertive and expressive in the mid-frequency band, with a slight emphasis on this particular segment of the sound spectrum. Thanks to this, strings and winds are very expressive, and often sound even like live ones. On most phonograms, the player shows a free, light pitch with an adequate scale and clear rendering of sound images in space. It perfectly copes with fancy jazz passages - in this genre it has the habits of a real master. But the test with harder styles still reveals not too high sound resolution and insufficient specificity in the lower case. Quick bass transitions seem to be wrapped in a veil, and hi-hats lose their crystal luster. However, on most recordings, Marantz CD5003 can fascinate a listener with honest and open sound.

Marantz CD5003 CD-player photo