Quadral Platinum M4 Floor standing speakers

The basis of three-way loudspeakers Quadral Platinum M4 is the idea of combined acoustic design. The advantages of traditional bass-reflex and compression chamber are used in low-frequency section, consisting of the pair of 170-mm aluminum woofers, and this gives deeper and more accurate bottoms. The playback of MIDs is given to own-developed 135-mm driver and the upper part of the spectrum is played by RiCom-V tweeter with double ring membrane. This is one of the latest developments of the German engineers, distinguishing by enviable technical showings - the upper border is expanded to 50 kHz and the sound resolution (according to the manufacturer) is comparable with ribbon type tweeters.

The loudspeakers have full low-frequency capabilities, deep and massive basses are well-structured, but not perfectly damped. The overall tonal balance can be determined as slightly darkened, with a little accent exactly on lower part of the spectrum. Despite of this, the middle of Quadral Platinum M4 is strict and clear in terms of timbres, voices of performers are filled and natural. The upper range is clear and detailed, but by level is slightly inferior to other spectrum. Ring tweeter shows extremely high resolution even at low volume levels, in the meantime not focusing on artifacts of the recording.

Sound stage directly depends on the possibility of correct arrangement of loudspeakers. For correct transfer of scale they need as much free space as possible.

Quadral Platinum M4 Floor standing speakers photo