System Audio SA Aura 60 Floor standing speakers

Ole Witthoft, the head of System Audio, professes the ideology of maximally "fast sound", so several small woofers instead of one large are used in the system. In Aura 60 such "battery" is made up of four long-stroke W1108XL drivers with the diffusers, which weigh less than a gram, but an overall radiating area turns out to be very decent. Another exactly the same driver plays the role of midrange and the tweeter has a 25-mm dome made of fabric, impregnated with a special compound. Acoustic design is the bass-reflex, the ports of which are located on the back wall of the body, that's why it is recommended to install the system in a half of a meter from the wall. According to the company, Aura 60 are able to work normally with high-quality amplifiers with the power not less than 50W per channel.

Despite of many LF-drivers, the lowest bass is only designated here. Nevertheless, the systems' sound can't be called defective in the vast majority of genres. Support of a separate subwoofer can be need only for playing of large-scale symphonic classics, where the sound of System Audio Aura 60 is still lightweight. Speaking about the rest of the spectrum there are almost no claims. Top is delicate and transparent and the middle is literally imbued with naturalness.

Meanwhile, sibilants are slightly emphasized in sound - a little rise is possible at high frequencies. Space is decently formed by scale, with almost perfect localization.

System Audio SA Aura 60 Floor standing speakers photo