Canton Ergo 702 DC Floor standing speakers

702 DC is the next novelty in the modified Ergo lineup. Appearance is a classic Canton style: notable rounded edges, velvet facade, unchanged metal grill... Drivers are organized in an unbalanced d'Appolito scheme: the upper driver works both on bass and mid frequencies, the lower driver sounds only the lower part of the range. An important aspect of the update is the design of the separation filters, developed under the experience gained in creating highly positioned acoustics forming the Karat series. All driver diffusers are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, which, in addition to a number of useful mechanic and acoustic properties, has high heat capacity and thermal conductivity. Thus, diffusers can efficiently dissipate the heat taken from the voice coils.

You immediately feel the responsible attitude of the Canton Ergo 702 DC developers towards the bass problem: spectacular and expressive, it never lets you forget about your own presence. Paired drivers easily draw energy even from hard-to-reach low-frequency areas. The magnificent dynamics in the lower registers completely relaxes the ear. The dynamic range of MIDs is not a halfpenny the worse, while demonstrating remarkable tonal correctness. In complex classical compositions sometimes there is the impression of some simplification of the timbre pattern. However, the significance of these nuances for the vast majority of musical forms is very small. The power and bass of Ergo 702 DC will surely appeal to lovers of modern music; loudspeakers convey the scale of large symphonic works very truthfully.

Canton Ergo 702 DC Floor standing speakers photo