B&W CM7 Floor standing speakers

B&W CM7 are three-way speaker systems with elegant body and back bass-reflex port, traditionally equipped with own-produced drivers. High-frequency segment is presented by 25-mm tweeter with aluminum dome and extended band, and MIDs are sounded by 5-inch driver with the diffuser made of woven kevlar and the branded FST suspension. Like in top B&W models, the tweeter is loaded with Nautilus pipe, in which air damps counter-radiation. Bass area is played by 165-mm head with combined (kevlar/cellulose) diffuser.

High quality of the emitters allowed to maximally simplify the crossover - it has only few elements, but all they are of audiophile class. The possibility of two-wire connection to an amplifier is provided.

CM7 show quite high dynamics, sufficient for adequate transfer of any music genres. A strong feature is also a powerful and clear low-frequency register, without any hint of excessive clumsiness or boom. The middle is presented clearly, differently in timbres, but with certain features - during the whole listening sometimes a slight extraneous coloring of solo instruments appeared. The upper range is extremelly clear and transparent, it is impossible to find fault in it. Sound scene is sensual, moderately deep, with virtual images arranged in space.

B&W CM7 Floor standing speakers photo